In life, I have always been “ahead of the game”. Way before I ever heard anyone say anything about being the underdog of your group so that you can grow quicker, I always made sure I was one. As a kid and teenager, at family events, I would always rather talk to my uncles instead of playing around with my cousins. I always felt that I had more opportunities to learn something there and I was mostly successful with that. 


On my first job, got to be part of a highly skilled team that made me want to learn even more about everything, and I did. 


Ever since I heard documentaries are a thing, I have probably consumed at least one per week and no specific topic of field. 


I have watched documentaries about insects, time, space, the moon, memory, dreams, scientology, the family, pyramids, the human brain, architecture, drugs, several sports, volcanos, human evolution, inventions, fashion, minimalism, aliens, wildlife, construction, airplanes, AI, religion, the big bang, arts,the future, habits, the past and so many other things that I can’t even list. All of that exposed my brain to new perspectives and for that reason, I keep myself motivated to learn even more everyday. 


My top Documentaries 

  • One strange rock 
  • Explained 
  • Jesus Code
  • Conspiracies 
  • The minimalism 


My new best friend…. PODCASTS, I have been ignoring their existence for a while, but now I cannot live without them. The ability to learn something new while cooking, walking, driving or even trying to sleep is just mind blowing to me. 


My top Podcasts 

  • Invention 
  • The futur
  • Stuff you should know
  • The minimalists 
  • Hack the entrepreneur 
  • Brainstuff