Read this before hiring someone

We are constantly praising people that run large companies that have a vast amount of staff members. Many of us aim to get to that stage. It sounds much better to the world if we say we are in charge of a large group, compared to “I work from my Garage”. What we don’t actually see, is what it takes to make that possible, we don’t see how that even stops you from being able to focus on growing your business.


Having a big company shouldn’t mean that you have 300 people working for you, in an office that you call “headquarters” with other smaller offices around the world, reporting to you. 


Companies should hire freelancers for specific projects and not have them when they don’t need them. Think with me, why should a company pay for a copywriter when there is no work that would require his attention at the moment? Do you need to pay for a cleaner if he is not always cleaning? Why are you paying rent if sometimes you are not even at home? Ok maybe that’s a bit extreme because your things are there, but I think you get my point.


Almost all the positions I worked in, in various companies, didn’t actually require me to be there full time. Many times, your staff ends up being in the office forwarding messages to several whatsapp groups and refreshing their feeds on instagram, and in an indirect way you are kinda paying them to do that.


It does require a certain set of skills to be able to work from home if you are a freelancer, you need to be able to focus on work and not on your dog that wants to go outside to play. As a business owner, you can also work from home, or just rent a smaller office, and only manage those that you really need. You might find that you actually just need to hire a project manager(that could also be a freelancer though).


There are a few individuals that you might need to have full time, depending on what services you provide, but not all of them. 


Obviously this is not applicable for every business, but it works for many. A car manufacturer cannot obviously have all of their staff work from home, but a design agency can.


What does this mean for the companies?

It’s very simple, less costs. No more offices and all the expenses that come with having one, for example, rent, electricity, water, equipment, security, maintenance and many others.


What does this mean for freelancers?

For freelancers, endless world of opportunities, once one project is done, on to the next one and the dream that I think most of us have, work from home, anytime of the day, from anywhere.


Think about this next time you consider hiring someone to work for you!

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