Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a very underestimated tool in Mozambique and in many other places around the world . Your brand, is how people see you, it is what people think of you, in other words, your reputation. We all have one, we just don’t consciously take care of it. Heidi Roizen, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur calls it a promise of consistency.


Jenni Flinders, a Personal Branding Coach, says that first impressions are the first idea of you that people will have and that, will tell them how you want them to treat you, how you behave, tone of your voice, body language, eye contact, all of those things will quickly define you in their eyes. Humans, see images and fill in the gaps, what you see + what you don’t see + what you want to see, and that’s how you are branded in someone’s head. Her opinion is that your personal brand, is the intellectual, visual and emotional impression that people have, when they think of you.


Talaya Waller, an award-winning Personal Branding Consultant says, the key point about personal branding is that everyone has one, but not everyone manages it strategically, effectively and consistently. As an example of the good effect of Personal Branding, think about a sports player that builds his personal brand, when he plays for different teams, he carries his name, stats and fans to each team until he retires. So because he did a good Job with his Branding, people follow him wherever he goes. We see that happening with Athletes, Journalists, CEOs, Teachers, Cooks and others.


Ann Bastianelli, a Senior Lecturer of Marketing says, no one is entitled to a place anywhere, you have to earn your spot. The benefits of a strong personal branding are:

  • You lead more because people think they know who you are authentically, so they follow you more enthusiastically and they get more people to follow you.
  • Win more because life is all about negotiations, one after the other.
  • Earn more because if you have a strong personal branding, you get 10 to 25% more earnings every year.


We all need to be conscious about our Brand and be VERY consistent. Be consistent with your family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, clients & followers. Consistency is how you behave, type of language you use, how you walk, how you are on Social Media and on your Personal Website. No living souls should ever have more than one concept of who you are.


It is not an easy task though, it is even highly recommended that you look for a professional to help you. To figure how what is your current Brand, design a strategy to improve it and even create a Visual Identity for you, should that be needed.


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