People of color

Before we begin let me just tell you that i am not racist, you can check my contact list, I have one white friend ;). This is not an article about race, it’s about color and I know that can sound confusing but color and race are very different things.


So why am I writing this? Well, simple, I was watching a documentary about race once and a white guy said “The whites and people of color” and that hit me very hard, as a designer, to me that makes no sense at all. 


Let me explain, the white that you are looking at right now on this page, is a mix of red, blue and green light, most known as RBG and this is where the conversation starts. White is a mix of colors.


So, when it comes to race, it makes no sense to me to say “The whites and people of color” because white is a mix of all colors. 


Let’s talk about black now, normally considered the opposite of white. Black, is the absence of color or the absence of light therefore, not a color. So if black is the absence of color, and white is the mix of colors, we have to change our narrative to BLACK AND PEOPLE OF COLOR.


By the way, this is a very biased article.

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