Importance of design

This text probably does not seem fair since it’s a designer saying that design is important. It may seem like a text influenced by my willingness to sell my services, however my intention is just to make you a bit more aware about the importance of design.


In everything that exists in the world, there is a touch of design, thousands of years ago, humans dressed in animal skin, for years and years these clothes went through various design processes, which brought us to today’s reality. 3500 years before Christ, a creative human being designed the wheel, this was used in the production of pieces of clay and only 300 years later it was used in carriages.


We often think that we do not need a designer, and we miss the opportunity to communicate well with our target audience, whether through text or images.

How many times have you sat down to watch presentations, with good speakers and interesting subjects but no one could read the slides? Have you noticed that children, even those who do not know how to read or write, can easily identify candy, even if they are in packages of brands that they have never seen before? Have you noticed that we simply do not trust certain companies, just because their visual identity is not good? Have you noticed how the same model of a car can look better in different color?


All existing colors and formats convey messages in different ways, each type of document, campaign or logo or ad,has appropriate standards that should be followed during the process of designing them, for the message to reach the target audience in the best way possible.


Think of a supermarket hall (the fact that there are corridors, sections and shelves are also a sign of a design process, but for now, let’s look at another aspect of the supermarket), imagine that all products have packages of the same size, format and typeface, surely it can become difficult to make purchase since, in order to choose the product, you would have to read all the descriptions or try all of them until you found the ideal one for you. With the participation of a team of designers, the purchase is made based on the message that is transmitted through the package, when it is well designed, it conveys confidence and conquers the consumer, this factor can sometimes be stronger than the cost of product. As a consumer, you will only discover the true quality of the product outside the supermarket. We often stop buying branded products we know, just because there is another product with a better packaging.

Imagine that you want to buy a house, are you are out with a real estate agent to look at a few possible places, obviously you expect to find the house clean, walls and floors in good condition, among other details, you know why? Because the image is important. In some countries, real estate professionals hire interior designers before presenting anything to their clients. These companies fill the home with luxury furniture and make the best possible combinations, just to be able to sell the property, after the deal is done, all furniture and decoration are removed, then the customer sees the reality of the house. A well-appointed home, conveys the feeling of comfort, suggests that it is ideal for relaxation, and these elements have strong influence on the purchase decision.


In short, everything you see before you, passed by a designer, be it graphic, interior, fashion, packaging, car, among others. If you want to advertise, put a new product on the market or something as simple as sending your CV, think about how a good designer can help you communicate better.

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