Unlike many teenagers my age, at the age of 17 I was a DJ that was very busy making a lot more money that what I needed at that stage. I would every weekend work from Birthday Parties to Weddings and Nightclubs. This exposure led me to find my passion for event production and management.



In 2011 I started Flow Eventos, I would organize events at nightclubs, most of the times I actually didn’t make any money, but there were some few times that made everything worth it.


I participated in a contest for the Best Matola Party Promoter and won an award for Newcomer of the year in 2012.



In 2013 I stopped working as Flow Eventos and formally started my first company, Kemel. The idea was to do event planning, but as time went by, my business partner wanted a bit more than that so a lot was added to the business, at some point we were buying glasses, table cloths, lounges and all these other useless things to do event decorations that were never part of our business plan. We also tried to start a business center that failed miserably.


I always felt that Kemel was a mistake that I was going to fix. I needed to define better what my business model was and stick to it.



Since I had been working as a freelancer for many years, in 2017, I thought I should create a strong personal brand and work as a consultant. I did get a strong personal brand going, but people couldn’t understand my business model and I felt that I was ahead of the game. So it was time to “regroup and focus”.



In 2018, I started 1991, my biggest pride and joy. 1991 is a design agency that basically does, Design! Since I had gathered many design skills independently, I thought it was time to make serious profit out of those skills. In the business I am the Creative Director leading very diverse teams designing anything from logos to restaurants.


Even though I started this business with a lot more maturity, guidance and experience, it didn’t stop me from making mistakes. I was so used to being a freelancer and kept running a business as if I was one.


I then got a partnership with a business consultant that has helped me keep myself strong and focused.



The best way to make money is to do something you love. Well, me and my wife love great cocktails and fine liqueurs so, why not make some money there?


It all just started from driving around town to find great cocktails and then we started making cocktails for our friends at home to then serving at events.



Has anyone ever asked you what are you doing with your friends? Well, we are starting business. This idea came from the passion I have for technology. I have always been a fan of anything tech and I have tried every single piece of tech that I had the opportunity to get my hands on.


I joined forces with a skilled IT Technician to start a business that would offer IT solutions and Productivity Management.


Productivity Management is what I like to say “A way of replacing large teams with technology”.



I wish to become a venture capitalist and a mogul in real estate. I write business ideas every time I think of any and will implement them when the time is right.