Since I was about 6 years old, I knew I wanted to be an architect. A lot was done to move me towards that, the closest we could get at the time, when I was in grade 2, was to attend drawing lessons after school.


Later in grade 6, participated in a contest to make a drawing to celebrate the school’s 10th anniversary and I won.


In 2006, after my parents bought a Webcam that came with a photo editing software, I started exploring and getting my first design skills just out of curiosity. To watermark my work, I designed my first logo that was well-known by many of my friends and followers for years.


My exploration never stopped, later I heard about Photoshop and spent hours on YouTube watching tutorials. Later it was Adobe Illustrator, and then Cinema 4D and the list just kept on growing by the day.


As I learned about more software and fields of design, I was building a portfolio. I sold my first work in 2009. Not because I knew I could make money with this, it was just because someone asked me how much I charged and I was caught off guard.


In 2011, I got my first full-time job and got to be for the first time close to a great Designer and see how things work. I was working next to a web designer that was also a highly skilled illustrator and got to see so much about this amazing world.


After years working as a freelancer, I got my first full-time job in 2013 as a graphic designer where I stayed for 2 years while still producing a lot of freelance work. During this period, one of the owners of the company that I was working for, decided to open a new business and took me with him. Later I heard that there was a big discussion amongst business partners because they all wanted to have me in their team and that motivated me to be independent because I felt that they saw skills in me.


Later I decided that I wanted to move towards my¬† independence and quit my job to run my business. I had no business skills, I just had dreams and for that reason it didn’t work. Had to search for a job and quickly got one. The company had posted that they were looking for a designer but got there and they wanted me to start operating printing machines and I was very disappointed so a week later, once again, I quit another job.


I then got a contract where I would only work twice a week as a motion designer producing videos for their clients as well as a contract designing several graphic design work for a marketing company.


At the end of 2015, a school was looking for a designer to help their designer for a month. I got the job and they asked me to work for an extra month, and then another one, and by the end of 4 months, they offered me a full-time position that I was very happy with.


3 years later, I felt that once again, it was time to go back to a world where I was going to be running my own business and for the third time, I was going to quit a job.


I was following a dream of running my very own design agency, 1991, and when I was about to quit the best job I ever had, we managed to actually change it to a consulting contract where I was now providing services to this school. So the school became my first client.



There is a lot of potential for design in Mozambique because it’s something that most people don’t understand but need. There are also too many highly skilled designers that don’t get the opportunity to show what they know or get paid enough for what they do. For those two reasons, through my design agency, I started a YouTube Channel that has content for young designers as well as for clients that wish to understand more about this great world.



Some of my favorite works are identity design for TEDx Maputo 2018, Mayfair 2019, Universal Media, Brainstorm Training, Conta Comigo & Yummiezzz, the brand refreshment designed for Atittude, interior design for IPM and logo animation for TIGA.



For the future, I wish to help more Mozanbican designers become better at what they do and for myself, I am passionate about car design and wish to join the Mercedes and Rolls Royce design team.