CGI vs Hollywood

We are now at a time when technological advances put some jobs at risk, from to administrative assistants to be replaced by Siri, Google Assistant among others, drivers by Self-driving Ubers, delivery companies by the drones, the list is endless.


Among so many things, I see a new “threat”, CGI (computer-generated imagery) is reaching levels of quality that are being confused with reality.


Hossein Diba is one of the masters of this art, his level of detail in his arts is simply spectacular.

Is this not a threat to the film industry? Are we still going to need the big Hollywood names for super productions or can we hire a team of designers?


With the use of CGI, no one will ever be injured while doing dangerous scenes for a movie, actually, the term dangerous scene will probably die, it is not necessary to spend money with explosions, it is not necessary to close venues noor to rent equipment. With a CGI master, less efforts are needed.


Of course it takes longer to produce 3D movie, however, it has the advantage that any character has the ability to do exactly what he is asked for, without the need to record repeatedly because someone did something wrong or forgot his line.


To what extent can technology replace human beings? What guarantee is there that the videos we see today are real?

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